Hidden Costs to Factor into Your Wedding Budget

Hi friends! It’s been too long! I need to get on a schedule of when I’ll post. Ideally, I want to post at least twice a week, but I know sometimes that isn’t realistic for me, but I’ll try my best for you all! The last couple days I’ve been thinking of what I wanted to write about. Since there’s a ton of extra costs that most brides don’t factor into their budgets, I thought I’d share some of them so then they can be factored into your budget. Some of you might already know some of these and that’s great! I just want EVERYONE to know! There’s quite a few so let’s get started!

  1. Postage Stamps. Stamps are something that’ll add up pretty quickly. There’s Engagement Party Invitations, Save the Dates, Wedding Invitations, Bridal Shower Invitations and Thank Yous. With everything you have to send out, make sure you have enough stamps! As well as plenty of money factored into your budget for them.
  2. Wedding Dress Alterations. If your dress is in need of alterations, make sure you budget for however much it’s going to cost you. Alterations as well as having your dress steamed can cost a pretty penny. Budget accordingly!
  3. Overtime Fees. Make sure your reception goes until your allowed ending time. If your reception runs over, you could have to pay quite a bit of money, depending on your venue. This is the same for Photographers/Videographers, DJs or Bands. In their agreement they’re booked for a certain amount of time, overage fees could cost you a lot of extra money!
  4. Taxes and Gratuities. It’s inevitable to get around taxes, but paying the entire bill at one time can help. But let’s be real, that could be unrealistic for some. Make sure you factor in enough money. Adding on an extra third of your total costs is a good rule to go by.
  5. Non-Approved Professionals. Most venues give a list of suggested professionals, a preferred pros list. If you don’t use their professionals, you could be looking at a 20% charge cost (depending on venue). If you’re going to use a vendor not on the preferred pros list, make sure you’ve budgeted accordingly.
  6. Cleanup and Breakdown Charges. Depending on your venue, you could have to pay for cleanup and breakdown fees. Read your contract carefully! This can usually be found in the labor charge. If you’re getting married on the weekend, expect to be charged for time and a half for labor! Cleanup charges add up fast, make sure you budget accordingly!
  7. Wedding Band Equipment. Additional band equipment could possibly be needed depending on your venue size. If additional band equipment is needed it could end up costing you a lot of money. When booking the Band or DJ, make sure you accurately explain the venue size and setup. You want them to know exactly what they’re working with ahead of time. If the Band or DJ wants to add in additional equipment, make sure they explain why it’s necessary BEFORE signing a contract.
  8. The Day and Time You Get Married. I know this seems crazy, but it’s true. During the weekend, Fridays and Sundays are less expensive days to get married on. That’s true for times too. The earlier you get married, the less expensive costs will be. To get married on Saturdays, you could be possibly be paying $1,000 more! Again, budget accordingly!
  9. Groomsmen or Bridesmaids. If you have groomsmen or bridesmaids that have financial problems, but you’re set on them being in your wedding, you could potentially be paying for all their obligations. Make sure you budget accordingly and ahead of time.
  10. Extra Hair and Makeup Trials. If you know that you need some extra sessions to try out different hair and makeup combinations for your wedding day, factor in plenty of extra money. This is something that adds up quickly!
  11. Marriage License. Don’t forget to budget for the marriage license! It’s one of the most important things, if not the most important! Depending on what state you’re in, it could cost you $25-$100.
  12. Tip EVERY vendor that you use! I’ll say that again, TIP EVERY VENDOR THAT YOU USE! This is so important, not only are they providing a service for your wedding, but make sure it’s shown that it’s appreciated.
  13. Flowers. If you’re getting married a certain month and the flowers that you want to use aren’t in season, factor in enough money! Transportation costs can cost you a lot of money in the long run!

You can gather that there’s a lot of hidden costs! There could potentially be more too! These hidden costs are the most popular. Always remember to factor enough money  into your budget for “extras.” It’ll save you a lot of disappointment in the long run! I promise my next post will be sooner, rather than later! I hope you’re all enjoying your day, friends! Xoxo.


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  1. Anne Fleming says:

    Dear White Bliss Wedding, #seriouscoin indeed! thank YOY for this blog on all the ways that i am going to be spending money, but some of the things i am going to be going digital on. and, i might cull back on a few things too! may not need ALLLLLLL those things, people, perks, i originally ‘had to have”. thanks WBW.


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