Saving Money

Hi friends! I hope you’re all having a great week so far! Sorry it’s been a while since my last post. It’s been busy busy busy! Anyways, in my last post I told you that I’d be posting some tips for smaller budgets– now is the time! I’m excited to write this post for brides that have smaller budgets, or brides that just want to have a simple wedding and don’t want to pay a lot. Hopefully some of you have been anticipating this post. Let’s get right into it! (Hopefully this helps!) Here are 10 tips to help save you money for your wedding:

  • Alcohol. Buy beer and wine in bulk for your wedding. This might not work for everyone, but always remember you have options, explore each and every one.
  • Music. Instead of paying for a band or DJ, create a playlist and play over speakers. If this works for you, you could potentially be saving a lot of money for music.
  • Guest list. Skip out on that person that’s a friend of a friend on your moms side. Make your guest list small and sweet. You want every guest at your wedding to be important and special to you.
  • Plus ones. Goes along with above suggestion. Catering gets expensive. You might want to take into consideration paying for a relative or friends date that you’ve never met before.
  • DIY. Try to make decorations yourself or with help from your bridal party. Remember, crafting can get pricey quick, so make sure you total all the supplies before you make a decision. If it’s cheaper to make it yourself, go for it. If not, it might be better to order from a website.
  • Flowers. Flowers get pretty expensive quick. If that’s not in your budget or vision, go minimal. Skip boutonnieres and corsages. Maybe you know someone who has a beautiful garden and they agree to help make flower arrangements with the flowers in their garden; that can help save a lot of money.
  • Food. If you know someone who is a great cook, see if they’d be wiling to make food a head of time for your wedding. If that doesn’t work for you, some people like the idea of having a pot luck at their wedding.
  • Photography/Videography. If you know someone that is a good photographer and has their own camera, it could be beneficial to ask them to take pictures at your wedding. Or maybe you know someone that would be willing to film your wedding with their camera. Another idea to think about is, up and coming photographers will usually give a discounted price for getting exposure.
  • Bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts. Do without getting expensive cliché gifts. Letters from the heart go a long way, and they don’t cost a thing.
  • Venue. Renting out a hall or knowing someone that has a great backyard that would fit all your guests could end up being a lot less expensive then paying for a complete wedding venue.

Not all of these tips are going to be appealing to everyone. They’re just suggestions, there’s nothing wrong or right about them. Remember, it’s whatever works for YOU! I hope some of you like these ideas and can use them for your own wedding. Have a great week and stay tuned for my next post! Xoxo.


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  1. Anne Fleming says:

    Thank you for the suggestions #whiteblissweddings. Some in there are ones never considered. Sending this off to my Twitter followers now.

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