Starting Off

Hi all! Happy Friday!! I wanted to start my blog writing on budgets. I know, I know. The dreaded word, but you guys, this is SO important. It’s so important to have your budget decided from the BEGINNING, before you plan. And when I say budget, I mean an exact number. I know some of you are going to be reading this and you’re going to be like, “obviously girl we know this, why are you writing a post about this?” But seriously guys, some people need this. I can’t stress how important it is to have your budget decided with your significant other BEFORE you start planning. Not while you’re 1/4 or half of the way through planning your wedding. Talking about and staying within budget will help you along the way. It’ll allow you to have a sense of what’s a necessity and what isn’t. You’ll be able to prioritize better. Ask yourself this: what three things are most important at your wedding? Meaning, what three things are you okay with splurging on. Really think about it too. Imagine you’re reminiscing on your wedding 5, even 10 years down the line. Will you regret the three things you splurged on? If the venue, food, and photography/ videography are the most important to you, and you’re okay with splurging on those three things; think it through and then go for it. Once you know what’s important to YOU, a little bit of stress melts off. I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a couple contact me and already know their budget. I don’t want to start a disagreement between the couple when I ask this question. Meaning, I don’t want the bride to have an idea for the budget and the groom to have a completely different idea. I want you guys to be in sync. I want you on the same page during this time. My job is to make this a great experience for you, but please, before I do my job, please spend some extra time talking price details with your significant other so you can present your budget and ideas to me or your own Wedding Planner. I hope this helps. If you’ve realized your budget might be on the smaller side, don’t worry! I can help. In the next few days I’ll post some ideas for smaller budgets, as well as the second part to this post. Stay tuned for more! I hope this post helped at least one person. If I’m helping at least one person a day, I think I’m doing something right. Xoxo.


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